Our mission is to seize the opportunities Brexit provides.

Key People

John Longworth
John Longworth Co-founder and Chairman of the IBN. He was Director-General of the Chamber of Commerce from 2011-2016. He Co-Chaired the Leave Means Leave campaign and was a Member of the European Parliament for Yorkshire and the Humber in 2019. He is a member of the Advisory Board of Economists for Free Trade and the Advisory Council of the IEA.
Lance Forman
Vice Chairman
Lance Forman is President of Patrons and Vice Chairman of the IBN. Lance was elected as a Brexit Party MEP in 2019 in which role he served until Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union. Lance is best known for putting country above party and crucially supporting the Conservatives’ Brexit strategy, helping to ensure Brexit was delivered. A man of the people, Lance initially rose to prominence by standing up with other businesses against government plans to evict them to make space for the Olympic Stadium. Lance is also an accomplished author and owner of a renowned Salmon Factory in East London.
Brendan Chilton
Brendan Chilton is co-founder and CEO of the IBN. Alongside his notable work serving the people of Ashford since 2011 as a local Councillor, Brendan also headed up the Labour Leave campaign in the referendum. An avid writer, Brendan’s articles have been featured in the Telegraph, Spiked-Online and Brexit Central. Brendan is well known for bridging political divides. Brendan is also a Director of the Institute for Prosperity.
Tom Bohills General
Tom Bohills is co-founder and Vice Chairman of the IBN. Outside of being a prominent city lawyer, Tom is an ardent Brexiteer. Co-Founder of the Alliance of British Entrepreneurs, Tom is dedicated to ensuring the promises made to businesses are kept throughout the Brexit process. Tom is a Brexit Central author, and has appeared on the Youtube channel, 'The New Culture Forum'.

Advisory Board

David Jones MP
David Jones MP Advisory Board of the Independent Business Network David has loyally served the people of Clwyd West as their Member of Parliament since 2005, and was notably the first Conservative to represent a Welsh constituency since 1987. David has held several ministerial positions, and is currently the Minister of State at the Department for Exiting the European Union. In 2016 Jones joined the advisory board of Leave Means Leave and also led the Welsh arm of the Vote Leave campaign.
Roger Bootle
Roger Bootle Advisory Board of the Independent Business Network He is an economist and weekly columnist for the Daily Telegrph. He is the Chairman of Capital Economics a macroeconomic research consultancy. He and Capital Economics won the Wolfson Economics Prize in 2012. He is an author and sits on the Board of Economists for Free Trade.
Justin Urqhart Stewart
Justin Urqhart Stewart Advisory Board of the Independent Business Network Justin was a shop steward for UCATT prior to studying Law. After a short career as a Barrister he started in Finance with Barclays. Working around the world in Uganda and Singapore. In 2000 he founded Seven Investment Management and in 2016 launched the Investors in Community. He is a regular commentator on BBC, ITV and GMTV, and Good Morning Britain.
Suzanne Evans
Suzanne Evans Advisory Board of the Independent Business Network Prior to her political career Suzanne was a well respected BBC journalist. Initially elected as a Conservative councillor in 2010, Suzanne resigned the whip and joined UKIP in 2013 and represented UKIP on the London Borough of Merton Council until 2014. Leaving UKIP in 2018 Suzanne has continued being a prominent Brexit campaigner and commentator.
Jim Sillars
Jim Sillars Advisory Board of the Independent Business Network Initially a fireman, Jim began his political career by joining the Fire Brigades Union, and later the Labour Party. Jim was the deputy leader of the Scottish National Party (1991-1992), and was formerly the Labour MP for South Ayrshire (1970-1976), holding the seat until 1979. Sillars joined the SNP in 1980, and later represented the constituency of Glasgow Govan (1988-1992). Sillars has been an outspoken critic of the European Union throughout his political career, and has actively campaigned against the EU since the 1990s
Jon Moynihan
Jon Moynihan Advisory Board of the Independent Business Network. Jon is a businessman and former CEO and Executive Chairman of PA Consulting Group. Jon was a prominent supporter of Vote Leave in the 2016 referendum as is Chairman of the Initiative for Free Trade. He is a Director of the IEA Forum and is on the Advisory Council of the Free Speech Union. He was President of the Royal Albert Hall from 2015-2019.
Graham Stringer MP
Graham Stringer MP Advisory Board of the Independent Business Network Stringer is a well respected, veteran MP who has represented the constituency of Blackley and Broughton since 1997. Graham has been a prominent voice in the Labour Party for Euroscepticism and ending Britain’s membership of the EU. Stringer is a man of integrity and on several occasions has placed country before party, with many viewing him as a rare breed of politician.
Professor Patrick Minford
Professor Patrick Minford Advisory Board of the Independent Business Network Patrick is a macroeconomist and professor of applied economics at Cardiff Business School. He was a member of the pro-Brexit ‘Economists for Brexit’ group. He has worked for the Ministry of Overseas Development and was an economic advisor to the Ministry of Finance in Malawi. He has advised the Treasury and is also an economics fellow at Manchester University.
Julian Jessop
Julian Jessop Advisory Board of the Independent Business Network. Julian is a professional economist with thirty years experience gained in the public sector, the City and Consultancy. He is a fellow of the Institute of Economic Affairs and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.